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Analysis and use of outdoor advertising
However, any material that can appeal to many customers through advertisement expression in open air or public places and reach the goal of promoting products can be called field advertising . Field advertisements can be divided into two major categories: plane advertisements with street signs, posters, wall advertisements, posters and banners. Three dimensional advertisements are divided into neon lights, advertising columns, advertising towers, lamp boxes, advertisements, etc. In field advertisements, road signs and poster are the two most important ways. Planning and making elaborate outdoor advertising bands is a sign of a region. The primary characteristics of field advertisements are:
1., it has a strong selection of regions and customers. On the one hand, field advertisements can select different advertising modes according to the characteristics of the region, such as commercial streets, squares, parks and transportation. On the other hand, field advertisements can also be set according to the common characteristics, customs and habits of the customers in a certain region. On the other hand, field advertisements can be set up for the city which is often located in this region. The fixed customers of activities provide repeated publicity to make their image fierce.
2. Field advertisements can make better use of the blank thoughts that often occur in public places when customers are traveling for a walk. At this time, some well-planned advertisements. The brilliance of the colorful changes of neon lights can often leave a very deep image, which can arouse a higher attention rate and make it easier to withstand advertisements.
3. Field advertisement has the nature of compelling appeal. Even the customers who rush to travel may leave a certain image because of their random glance at the advertisement, and leave a deeper image to some products after repeated repetitions.
4. The outdoor advertisements have various manifestations, especially the high-altitude balloon advertisements. With the development of the light box advertisements, the outdoor advertisements have their own characteristics, and these outdoor advertisements also have the function of beautifying the city's appearance. These advertisements are integrated with the city's appearance, which often make the customers bear the advertisements very naturally.
5. the content of field advertisements is simple, which can prevent other contents and competitive advertisements from disturbing. And field advertising costs are low.
The advertising in the field also have their shortcomings.
6. the coverage is small. Because most of the positions are fixed, coverage = area will not be large and publicity area is small, special attention should be paid to the selection of = address when setting up field advertisements. For example, billboards are generally built on a large population with strong activity. Airports, railway stations, and wharf wharves go south and North.
7., the role is hard to measure. Because field advertisements are aimed at people who are in the field, they have the nature of activities, so their bearing rate is difficult to estimate. And people are always in contact with the activities, so the staring moment is very short, or even only a fraction of a second, sometimes people may come into contact with many field advertisements at the same time, so in order to get advertising effect, we must make people stay visual.
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