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Decoration of industrial buildings with different needs in different occupations.
1. Utilize the function layout reasonable, according to the specific useful area to carry on the scientific distinction is the primary goal, the general workshop area is bigger, then when the division uses the function also has considered the human flow dispersal as well as the ventilation, the fire protection passageway reservation.
2. Selection of ground data, the workshop is very important on the ground, because there is a lot of wear and tear every day, try to select some durable materials, if there is a need for ground load-bearing plant on the ground had better lay a layer of concrete on the basis of their own ground, and some need anti-static plant on the ground is appropriate to lay anti-static floor or anti-static PVC and other materials. Material, there is a more wear-resistant ground materials called "terrazzo ground", this ground is more economical and useful, but with the new factory floor inion presented, this product has been less interesting.
3. Interval data selection, in the process of decoration, there are often areas to be reasonably distinguished red different function areas, so the need for different data interval to cut, now commonly used intervals are: light steel keel gypsum board interval, stainless steel glass interval, aluminum-plastic plate tempered glass interval and pure tempered glass interval Interval, these intervals can play a role in distinguishing, but represent a different style, the price is not the same, of which the light steel keel gypsum board interval cost is lower, often simply bear
4. Various ceiling data, mineral wool sound absorption board and calcium silicate board are more commonly used in plant decoration materials, these materials are cheap, low ignition point, simple operation, is generally recognized by the broad consumer demand is noteworthy, regardless of the use of that kind of inion to do the top data are mainly required to cooperate with fire fighting equipment. Usually, the suspended ceiling keel is made first, and then the spraying and smoke sense pipeline equipment is installed at the beginning of the fire fighting project. After all the suspended ceiling data are capped, the fire fighting equipment then carries on the final spraying adjacent head and smoke sensor device.
5. Fire fighting approval, in order to be safe, must not ignore the fire fighting equipment, the installation of fire fighting equipment before the need to the local fire station for approval, after the completion of the project also need to report for examination. Generally speaking, it takes about 10 days to complete the fire control procedures, so we should consult the fire company before decoration.
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